The anatomy of a gummybear

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Astavakrasana from the other day!

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Introvert to a nightclub. Very odd. Why did you do it?

For the birthday of one of my best friends. I offered to be designated driver. I figured I might as well see what its like since I’ll be 21 in six months. Except it was really, truly horrible. 

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Went to a night club for the first time ever and it was THE WORST

Shiksa (Girlfriend)

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Even if your whisper eats my ear

your voice shall be the only song I long to hear.


At 16 you left home, at 17 you stood in front of a film camera, at 19 you bought an apartment, at 20 you tied the knot for the first time, at 24 for the second time and at 26 you adopted your first child. What’s the rush? 

You’re right, I was in a damn hurry. My driving force was that I only believed in today and was full of panic to live my life only just half. My grandmother and my mother died early. That’s why I’ve never believed that there could be fairy tales, happy endings and a perfect family in my life. I have to work on being able to take a deep breath and to enjoy my life. Because I know how abruptly life can be over I’m always thinking at the end of the day, that I haven’t done enough. I simply can’t let go of this feeling of urgency. - Angelina Jolie.

Just had a woman come in with her daughter so the girl could get her nose pierced. The entire time I was doing the piercing, the woman would not stop saying “Why are you doing this to yourself” “I just think this is all so disgusting” and “why do you want to walk around and be gross with some earring hanging out of your nose”.

First of all, it was just a fucking nostril piercing. I know attorneys with their noses pierced.
You’re in a tattoo shop and talking about how disgusting body modification is in front of a room full of people who either pay good money to modify their own bodies, or people who modify bodies for a living.
Not to mention, it’s your fucking kid. You can try out parenting and tell her no, and she can wait a year until she’s 18 and can sign for herself, so I don’t have to start off my day with your melodramatic, anguished, bullshit.
Thanks doe.

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Republicans want smaller government for the same reason crooks want fewer cops: it’s easier to get away with murder” .. (James Carville)

If only Monsanto was included in this